Opt for a private numberplate for your dream car
Auto Finesse Starter Kit at Purple Prizes

Why not opt for a new private number plate for your new car! It is a way to really add the finishing touch to a new or dream car that you have just got. We’ve teamed up with Purple Prizes to offer you the chance to get your number plate at a fraction of the cost. It’ll make for a very nice addition when you win your dream car competition at Purple Prizes.

Having recently set up in late 2019 into 2020 Purple Prizes have given away close to 100 different prizes and a prize total value of over 1 million!

It is great fun to enter the competitions and watch the live draw usually within just a few days. Your chances of winning are actually quite high, especially if you and say a few friends enter and potentially share the prizes. Compare it to any type of scratch card or … why not ….The National Lottery and you’ll see just how good Purple Prizes is.

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